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The mission of Golden Hour is to spread the use of Evidence Based Medicine in the Medical world, mainly in Israel.
Evidence Based medicine is a new area in Medicine which becomes more and more popular in the last years. EBM tries to deal with the problem of physicians looking for answers to many clinical questions on a daily basis while the medical information is growing and changing in a very fast rate.
Golden Hour is trying to promote the use of EBM by providing easy to use tools and access to updated medical information at minimal or no cost.
Golden Hour was founded by Dr. D. Netzer and Dr. E. Berkovits from the Department of Family Health Care in Haifa. The two physicians developed tools and methods to facilitate the use of Internet as an easy to use information source for Medical Doctors of all Disciplines on a daily basis.
These methods and tools are available free of charge to any Health Care professional through a website maintained by the company: www.goldenhour.co.il. This site is maintained and updated on a regular basis (few times a week) by physicians specializing in Medical information in the Internet.
In addition, The company offers courses and seminars in the area of Medical Information to Health Care professionals and policy makers. The list of the various courses offered can be seen here.

Golden Hour Ltd.
P.O.Box 2161
Zychron Yaakov 30900
Tel: +972- 6- 6294013

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