Pearl For Your Palm

This new section is written with the cooperation of Dr. Ron Rosenberg.
The Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or the trademark Palm Pilot is conquering every pocket.
This little device that is much more than just addresses book or dates book, has become a very powerful tool in every profession, especially in the medical world.
We have prepared for you some very useful links for your PDA.
  • General Interest
  • Medical Software
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    General Interest

  • Official Web Site Palm, Inc.
    The official site of Palm Pilot.

    Downloads of general interest.

    Medical Software

  • ePocrates
    ePocrates qRx is a clinical drug reference guide designed for the Palm OS TM platform.
    The ePocrates qRx can find dosing by indication, pediatric dosing for 300+ drugs, drug interactions, adverse reactions, pregnancy and lactation and special dosing information.

  • Healthy Palm Pilot
    Health Care Resources Index with 545 resources available for download of diagnosis, health and fitness, interventions, investigations (laboratory tests), record tracking, references and research tools.

  • MemoWare tm
    MemoWare is a unique collection of thousands of documents (databases, literature, maps, technical references, lists, etc.) specially formatted to be easily added to your PalmOS device, Psion PDA, TI Avigo, or WinCE device. The documents available here come in a variety of formats and cover a wide range of topics.

  • The Pediatric Pilot Page
    Here you can find:
    - Pediatric Formulary - a list of drugs commonly used by doctors in treating children
    - Immunization Schedule - AAP immunization schedule
    - CNS Formulary - a list of CNS drugs commonly used by doctors in Pediatrics
    - Hospital Census - helps doctors track their patients
    - IDDM database - helps diabetics track their glucose
    - ID Drug Formulary 1.0 - a list of drugs commonly used by doctors to treat infections
    - Immunization Guide 2.0 - AAP immunization schedule
    - Medical Mathpad - equations for doing complex medical calculations
    - Immunization Guide 2.0 for TealInfo - 2000 AAP immunization schedule

  • Thenar Computing- Preg Calc - Obstetrical Calculator
    PregCalc 3.0 Personal can help you plan and track pregnancy.

  • Physik's PDA Pages
    Physik's Lists is a medical reference containing more than 1,000 files which cover basic science, clinical features, eponymous syndromes, differential diagnoses, investigations & their interpretation, normal laboratory values, clinical guidelines, key published papers and includes a full list of all abbreviations used.

  • Riverside Family Practice Residence- Peripheral Brain
    Each of the residents in Riverside's Family Practice, combined OB-Gyn/FP, and Transitional residency programs will be issued a PalmTM IIIxe handheld computer. Download their applications.

  • Eurocool- The Palm Pilot and Workpad site
    A varaiety of medical calculators

    Medical applications and medical calculators

  • MD Helper- The Palm Medical Software Resources for Doctors
    Pregnancy wheel and Innohep- will calculate the dosage of Innohep (a low molecular weight heparin) for its approved indications.

  • Infectious Disease WebLink
    Infectious disease web links. Review of the best PDA software

    Articles and Reviews

  • A Palm -Top Computer in Every Practice?
    Review of the palm pilot for medical uses, from the American Association of Family Physicians.

  • The Palm Pilot Archives-Medical Links
    Links and reviews to other medical palm software

    Review of palm software for medicine

    Review of all Palm software and new databases


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